Thursday, June 18, 2020

Strictly Kev / DJ Food

Name: Strictly Kev / DJ Food
Link to complete bandcamp collection:


Oscillospira - JG Thirlwell (Foetus / Steroid Maximus / Manorexia / Xordox) teams up with Simon Steensland and spews forth an incredible mix of prog, electronics, soundtracks and more in his usual tour de force style. Still on top of his game and ever evolving after 40 years.

Use And Ornament - When I first discovered Regal Work a few years back, via a review for the Pig Views album in Shindig magazine, I bought the entire back catalogue in one fell swoop. Modern prog with 25 minute tracks and an incredible array of instruments on display, this does everything and unfolds each time you listen to it with more and more detail and beautiful songs.

System - Trevor Jackson has released a lot of music over the years under multiple aliases, his Playgroup moniker being one of my favourites and well worth checking out. System is one of the few under his own name and features some brilliant techno and electro in a stunning package, a jewel in his many studded crown of a discography.

Luke Vibert presents UK Garave vol.1 - Vibert can rarely do any wrong but this collection is just superb. Mix early 90s rave samples with garage beats and modern production and you get an odd timewarp occurring where classic samples mingle with new beats in an alternate reading of rave's heyday.

Beat! - The Karminsky's fantastic third LP, constructed with their expert knowledge of library, easy listening, beat poetry and soundtrack productions brings a funky swinging 60s vibe to the dancefloor.

The New Ravelution EP - for my money Type 303 is one of the best producers making contemporary acid tracks and here he pulls in rave stabs and breaks to flesh out the 303s and 808s and it's just joyous.

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